"Your fake ID is only as good as the photo you provide" - Nelson Mandela

In a well lit room, stand in front of a solid colored wall that contrasts your skin and hair color. Have the photo taken from directly in front with the flash on (if possible). Any smartphone made in the last decade should suffice. Make sure you are zoomed out leaving at least a foot in all directions around your head in frame. This is important so our facial recognition software can find your face and crop it. If you send us a zoomed in pre-cropped photo it may mess up and crop off part of your head (if it messes up we will catch it and fix it manually but it may delay your order). Please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PRE EDIT YOUR OWN ID PHOTO. Every batch several IDs come out looking like shit because someone attempted to edit their own photo and now there's an obvious white halo around their head on a blue background. I don't care how much of a pro you are in photoshop don't do it.
Signature Guide: We no longer offer custom signatures. We have an AI that generates realistic signatures based on your name. Therefore, there is no need to have you enter a signature when placing your order. Nobody knows what your signature actually looks like. Until bouncers start handing out clipboards to have you sign something in order to compare the signature to what is on your ID we will continue using our AI generated signature because it works great!

How payment works?

Bitcoin is our primary method of payment. If you have never used Bitcoin before do not worry. It is exceedingly easy in 2022

Here are a few other available options if you looking for

Cash App by Square. Pros: Mainstream, easy, and you may already have the Cash App installed

Coinbase – the PayPal of Bitcoin . Pros: Mainstream and Easy

Coinatmradar.com – find a Bitcoin ATM near you. pros: Buy instantly with cash

Bitcoin instructions

Figure out how much Bitcoin you need by adding up your order total and then googling “$29 USD to Bitcoin ”. Buy Bitcoin on the exchange of your choice when placing your order simply copy/paste the address generated into your Bitcoin wallet and send the exact amount to complete your order. DO NOT PUT ‘FOR FAKE IDS’ IN THE PAYMENT NOTES WHEN PAYING WITH BITCOIN

Gift Card Instructions

Go to https://www.egifter.com/giftcards/egifter-choice-card-gift-card and buy an eGifter choice card in the exact amount of your order. Send this to our email at [email protected]

Example email:
Hello this is payment for order #333
Amount: $123.45

Note: We handle all our own code redemption before processing your order. Do not bother sending invalid codes it just wastes both of our time

Cash app - Zelle - Venmo Instructions

Follow the instructions given at checkout