FAQ & Contact

Please read through the FAQ before contacting us (scroll down for contact form)

How long will it take to receive my order?

Generally 3-5 business days. Maximum 7

Will are the chances of my ID getting sized by customs?

0% chance. Most vendors are located in China but we are located in the USA baby which means you don’t have to worry about customs or long order delays due to international shipping. Your ID will arrive via regular letter mail

Can I pay with Paypal?

No, sorry. Paypal banned our account so it’s Bitcoin and Offgamers Gift Cards (credit card) only from here on out

Do you ship internationally?

No, sorry. Our customer base is college students in the USA and we only ship domestically

What security features do your ID’s have?

We only make states with security features we have mastered. Any state you order from us will have every security feature a real ID from that state has. Security features our ID’s have are holograms, UV ink, microtext, microperforation and scannable barcodes.

Can I change my shipping address?

If it has not been shipped contact us quickly with your order number, the old shipping address, and the updated shipping address. We will do our best to update it before it ships

Can I get a tracking number for my shipment?

Yes, but you have to wait until after the batch was shipped. If you want tracking order with priority and email us after your ID has shipped and we’ll give you the tracking number

It’s been 5 business days why haven’t I received my order?

Please message us and we’ll get you taken care of. We like to ensure every customer has a positive experience when ordering from noveltynation.net

What is the fastest way to contact you?

Fastest: Telegram. For general questions post in our group. For order specific questions message us directly.

Alternatively: Send us an email via this contact forum, you should hear back within 12 hours.

Do you offer any discount for resellers?

No sorry. Our business model is that we only make a handful of states so we can print large batches as is. In a sense everyone that orders from us is already getting reseller rates.

Do you offer any discount for duplicate ID’s?

Yes. Duplicates are only $10

I’m going to school in ‘x’ state, which state should I order?

Order any state other than ‘x’ state, it doesn’t matter. Lots of people go to college out of state.

Don’t order ‘x’ state because the bouncer looks at IDs from his home state all day long and may pick up on very subtle details of the ID like weight and feel that it’s pretty much impossible to be 100% on (any vendor that claims to be is lying).

Do your ID’s scan?

Yes, you can scan your ID anywhere and rest assured it will scan correctly and come up as valid (other than law enforcement obviously). Grocery stores, clubs, etc are all OK

How should I use my fake ID?

Consider carrying your fake in your wallet a bit so it doesn’t look brand new. Know the information on your ID. A common move by bouncers is to ask what your address is because most people use a random fake address and don’t memorize it. I usually recommend just putting your parents address (aside from the state obviously). Other than that just enjoy being 21 🙂

Please read through the FAQ before contacting us

Contact email: [email protected]