Novelty Nation – The Best Domestic Fake ID Vendor

Illinois has been updated to pass BCS, all other states will be updated over the next week (download BCS and scan the barcode to the left)


Our Fake IDs accurately replicate all security features 1:1. They scan, blacklight, have accurate holograms, microtext, and microperforation.


Our Fake IDs ship in 1 to 4 business days from the USA. Domestic means you receive your fake ID fast and never have to worry about customs delaying or seizing your order.


By offering a limited number of states we are able to print in bulk and offer all our customers reseller pricing without making any compromise in quality. We also accept a variety of easy to use payment methods such as gift cards, Venmo, Cash App, and Bitcoin.

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For starters we encode our barcodes correctly so you’ll never have to worry about your ID not scanning at the club or self checkout. Don’t take our word for it. Download the free “Bar & Club Stats – ID Scanner” app and scan the barcode to the left

Bouncer’s got a black light? Our UV printer has you covered

When it comes to optically variable ink we don’t mess around. Proper holograms on every ID we sell

Same goes for perforation. No acupuncture needles here. Our CNC router drills perfect perforation on every ID

Join us in our quest to make a better fake ID